Increase Sales

Loyalty & Rewards Solutions

Kringle’s Powerful Digital Wallet

Kringle has created a robust Digital Wallet Solution that can accept, transfer or allow payments using your company branded Points, Digital Tokens or traditional Debit and Credit purchases. Our Digital Wallet solutions can also be used for Contactless Payments or Mobile Ordering solutions. We are experts at integrations and can sync our Digital Wallet solutions with most modern Point of Sale systems. Let us build your own full suite M-Commerce / Digital Wallet Platform that can be further enhanced with various modules from Kringle’s tech stack.

Create Brand Virality Utilizing Refer & Earn

Kringle’s dynamic Referral Engine makes it easy for your customers to refer their friends or family on social media, or via Text / Email and create free virality for your brand. Our system allows you to track these unique references through your customers referral codes, ensuring customers are credited with points for various activities like Signing up, Referring, Spending and more. Our Business Dashboard allows you to have full control over the activities and the amounts you reward to customers for these various activities.

“Loyalty is the New Currency”

The modern-day consumer is always looking for new ways to interact with brands and chooses brands based on what they get in return for spending their hard-earned dollar. We understand this very well at Kringle and have designed our Platform from the customers experience using Tokens, E vouchers or Rewards as mediums of influence. Reward customer behavior and their pockets for enhancement of stronger revenue generation + increase repeat visits.

The Kringle Platform allows you to effortlessly Air Drop Tokens, Coupons, and E-Vouchers into the Customer’s Wallet and can be further enhanced with our Geo-Fencing technology and other features

Scan Based Loyalty & Rewards

Reward customers without them having to interact with your Point of Sale by simply scanning their receipt or a QR code. These points or tokens get credited to the customers wallet and create a frictionless Loyalty and Rewards experience.