Beyond Loyalty

Shopify Plugin + Shopify Websites

Thinking about launching a website or re doing your current one?

Let us create a very powerful and easy to manage Shopify Site. Customizable and full of various Plugins, Shopify will offer you many options to create a robust E Commerce solution. You can allow customers to learn about your brand, purchase products, contact you or join your mailing list and more!

Customer Account

Allow your customers to manage their shopify account, view past transactions, shop with ease, and earn rewards towards future and repeat purchases. Each Customer will be prompted to sign up and have access to their digital shopify wallet on the go, plus this database can be synced with our Business Dashboard so you can retarget them at a later date.

Kringle’s Loyalty Widget

Utilize the power of Kringle’s Loyalty and Rewards suite on your Shopify website. Our Shopify sites come integrated with a robust Loyalty and Rewards program that can be tethered to our Business Dashboards, Social Media Tools and Mobile Apps.