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SMS & Email Campaign Manager

Welcome to your new Business Dashboard

Utilize all of Kringle’s suite of products around communicating with your end customers from one easy to use Business Dashboard. Get rid of using multiple vendors to run SMS and Email campaigns, control the content your customers see and how they engage with your brand.

The Power of Email & SMS

We understand that running a business takes a lot of time and effort. Using our suite of Email and Text Messaging products you can communicate offers, promotions, or announcements with ease. Create beautiful Email Campaigns or Text Messages using our editor or choose a Kringle provided template and send in a matter of minutes. Customize your outreach by utilizing our segmentation tools so you can target your base, or a certain segment of customers based on various loyalty actions.

Measure Success Using our Campaign Dashboard

Gain insights and analytics on your Email or Text Message Campaigns so that you can best understand how effective they are. Generate reports or study the metrics that you get to also understand your business on a deeper level than ever before, helping you to make informed decisions to further increase sales.