Loyalty & Rewards, Re-Defined.

Welcome to the Best Customer Engagement Software Platform utilizing Loyalty and Rewards.

Kringle analyzes your customers’ omnichannel behaviors and transactions. Using world-leading AI for digital commerce, Kringle can deliver real-time, automated 1:1 recommendations and personalized content across all customer touchpoints.

Using Personalized Loyalty & Rewards, Kringle deploys the Best Customer Engagement Software for the world’s top E-Commerce / M-Commerce and Offline retailers. Our Loyalty & Rewards Intelligence Engine has been developed and refined over the past 7 years by a team of top machine learning engineers, data scientists, and PhDs.

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Integrates Seamlessly Across Your Entire E-Commerce Tech Stack

Kringle software stack integrates with all the main e-commerce platforms, allowing us to pull valuable back-end data such as inventory levels, product variants, order details, current order status, and multi-currency data.

Connectors with all the major e-commerce technology providers allow us to both pull in and push out data from Kringle to other channels – removing silos between tools and allowing you to unify personalization across channels.

Our Software Solution

The next level Customer Loyalty Platform with ready-to-use features for online and off-line interactions with your customers


You can see one consistent profile, a single view of the customer.


You can track all types of transactions, online, offline from one or multiple merchants.


Manage your customers based on their purchase behavior and anniversaries.


Leverage Kringle’s Proprietary machine learning algorithms to find new behavior patterns & audiences boosting your revenue.

Intelligent Loyalty with Machine Learning

Use our Machine learning software engine to create powerful personalized offers and loyalty programs that can be marketed in a time-bound and multi-use format.

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The Data-Driven Approach to

Driving Revenue through
Customer Loyalty

Leverage the Power of Your


Bring your Loyalty Program to Life with


Increase Customer Engagements and


Build a Data-Driven Loyalty Program that Rewards


Use Machine Learning Algorithms to Accurately Target Customers by Their


Measure Performance in


Developer First

Our flexible and scalable API’s & software platform integrations allow you to
customize a loyalty program that works with your business.

API’s & Integrations

Connect Kringle Loyalty to eCommerce, ERP system, your custom mobile loyalty application, any external or internal system which you use.

Mobile First, Obviously.

Create stunning apps on our mobile and web software platforms with power-packed features like a multi-tiered digital wallets, Online ordering, Surveys, Order tracking, e-vouchers & gift cards and much more.

Insights & Reports

Create stunning apps on our mobile and web platforms with power-packed features like a multi-tiered digital wallets, Online ordering, Surveys, Order tracking, e-vouchers & gift cards and much more.

Offer Promos, Collect Emails

Automate your customer service, build emails lists, and promote purchase behavior by offering promotions triggered based on user events.

Nudge Customers, Promote Products

Gently nudge your customers by showing them
what previous website visitors are purchasing.


Design rewards that will delight your customers. Set your custom redemption levels, and choose between multiple types of rewards


Easily run branded campaigns for accelerated loyalty point earning. Schedule events and offer points to encourage customers to come back and shop.


Offer awesome personalized loyalty program experiences such as custom bonuses and meaningful onsite messages to each customer, new and returning.

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